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About us & Our Mission

Phoenix Strange Brew Coffee & Market was a vision birthed in the heart of its founder in 1996. Phoenix Strange Brew operates on the biblical principle that "We are to serve, not to be served"

We stand firm on this foundation. Our daily practices are demonstrated through various acts of service. We buy our products from local vendors and a portion of our proceeds are donated to organizations to help meet the needs of our community. 

We support small businesses - Our pastries, sweet breads and desserts are on rotation to provide exposure to local small business bakery's.  Our model provides an opportunity in supporting the "up & coming" bakery, working to gain a following.  

Our Glendale location includes a market and features an interior design studio. 

Most Important Piece


A good cup of coffee must begin with quality beans. Our beans are roasted by CULT Artisan in Phoenix, Arizona.  We loved the CULT family's service and quality so much that we asked them to supply our tea leaves as well.

Our Barista's are trained in the art of coffee-espresso. Their experience allows us to better educate our guests on the various beans, soils and geographic areas beans are grown.

We believe that educating our guests allows our team to build lasting relationships.  We aim to far exceed our guests expectations by serving quality with integrity. 

We make it our goal to ensure that our guests are properly informed in choosing what is pleasing to their palate and in selecting the packaged for home products for friends or family. 

We have a Market & Interior design studio

Yep, you heard correct

Our market provides the customers additional options besides our espresso, drip coffee, tea and smoothie beverages.

Our market serves fresh pies, sweet breads, muffins, avocado toast, Acai bowls, bottled/can beverages, nutritional bars and meal replacement small bites. 


Guests will find everything that is needed for take home coffee, tea and smoothie preparation, including home decor, novelty items, apparel and much more.

The interior design studio services existing and new customers.

The interior is designed as a backdrop of the designers work, making Phoenix Strange Brew the perfect place to hold a special event or meeting.

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